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Send money home from ANYWHERE in Israel with low charges and great rates. Sign-up today or try the calculator below.

Rewire is a licensed remittance company that allows you to send money from anywhere in Israel. Save time & money with Rewire - satisfaction guaranteed.


Rewire is a licensed remittance company that allows you to send money from anywhere in Israel. Save time & money with Rewire - satisfaction guaranteed.

What You Get

  • Low cost

    Only 1% charge and great rates when sending money to Thailand.

  • Fast payments

    Just 1 business day settlement for Bangkok bank and up to 3 for the rest.

  • Trusted and safe

    We work with leading financial institutions.

  • Simple

    Our service is safe and easy to use. Try it once.                                                     

  • Payout support

    Send money to any bank in Thailand.

  • Real time rates

    Our ILS to THB rate is very good and updates hourly. Check it out in the app.

“I was very proud and excited before I’ve executed the first ever transaction by Rewire. The process was very clear and simple, and the whole thing didn’t take too much time.

However, according to my experience, very few things work perfectly at first try.So I was ready for some sort of a malfunction, a delay in the transfer, maybe some inaccuracies.

But the guys at Rewire seem to know what they’re doing - it was so smooth and the money was received at the Philippines so quickly that I was really amazed.

Needless to say that this is the only solution I use now, and I intend to recommend it as the best remit solution to all the members.

The process was very clear and simple, and the whole thing didn’t take too much time. This is the only solution I use now, and I intend to recommend it as the best remit solution to all the members.

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Ariel Cabiri, iSavta CEO

I started using Rewire in September and it's great. Rewire has very low charges and high rates. It is very convenient because I can deposit money anytime anywhere.

I'm in Israel for over 10 years and this is the very best remittance. I strongly recommend you to send money with Rewire.

Rewire is very convenient because I can deposit money anytime anywhere with very low charges. I strongly recommend you to send money with Rewire.

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Fe Mangoba, Hertzlyia

Try Rewire yourself and start sending money

from anywhere in Israel, including your city!

How It Works

Create a remittance order on your mobile phone or computer
Deposit money to Rewire's account - online, cash or post office
Get notified when your beneficiary receives your funds

Professional and Personal

Rewire was built by professional engineers with vast experience in mobile and security technologies to deliver you the proper remittance solution you deserve.

Our services are tailored for your needs and with our great support team you get the most advanced, comfortable and simple remittance experience in Israel.

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Get to know Rewire

Learn more about Rewire's vision, team, process, technology and community

Have a few questions? Of course you do. We've got answers!

Why are Rewire’s charges so low?

Rewire uses some of the most advanced financial infrastructure available today, which allows us to send and exchange money at lower costs. Our goal is to drive down the price of remittance while maintaining exceptional standards of service.

By not opening up physical shops in locations such as the Central Bus Station, we are not only able to minimize Rewire’s operational costs but also service our clients from anywhere in Israel. Furthermore, we accept only ILS and convert directly to your home currency, without going through the Dollar. Because our operational costs are lower, we are able to bring this value to our clients through even lower charges.

Where is your office?

Rewire’s office is located in South Tel-Aviv. However, to send money with Rewire, you don’t have to go anywhere- you can simply deposit money directly to Rewire’s account at your nearest Postal Office (Doar) or GMT Branch from anywhere across Israel. Alternatively, you can make a bank transfer from wherever you are.

How can I trust you?

Being a technological start up, Rewire is very different from other remittance services. Rewire is already trusted by thousands of regular clients from all over Israel. You can find more information about us and read some of our client testimonials on our website and Facebook page. (Embedded link? To and Rewire was also selected to be a part of Citi Bank’s accelerator for startups- one of the world’s largest international banks.

We also work with leading financial institutions from the Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Russia and Thailand.

Where can I send money to?

We currently send money to the Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Russia. However, our cash pickup service is presently only available for remittances made to the Phillippines. We will soon support remittances to Nepal.

What banks and cash pickup outlets do you support?

Rewire supports remittances to Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Russian. However, our cash pickup service is presently only available in the Philippines.

For transfers to Thailand, we support remittances to all banks, including Bangkok Bank, Krungthai Bank and Siam Commercial Bank.

How long does it take for money to arrive?

Bank transfers will always be completed by the next business day (the next day when the bank opens).

What are Rewire’s charges and rates?

Our rates update every hour and are always available for you to view online at the top right corner of the Rewire App or web page. Overall, our rates are very competitive and our charges are very low- we offer about a 1% charge, compared to traditional remittance providers that charge about 5-6%. For example, sending 3500 ILS cost just 35 ILS.

To see how much we charge, click the “Send Money” button, put in how much money you want to send, and you will immediately be able to see what the fee is. This charge is already included in the amount that is shown under “receive”. This means that the amount that appears in the “Receive” section after you have entered the amount that you wish to send is the final amount that you will receive after currency conversion and charge.

How do I send money on Rewire?

As an online financial service, Rewire works a little bit differently from traditional remittance services. But don’t worry- sending money with us is very simple, and we’re here to guide you through every step of the way.

  1. Make sure you have an account with us (
  2. Next, make an order with your account on our website or app.
  3. After you have created an order, deposit the money into Rewire’s account. This can be done by either making a bank transfer or depositing cash at any Postal Office (Doar) or deposit point.
  4. Once we have received your deposit, we will process your order and your transfer will be made. This will take up to one business day to complete. You will receive SMS notifications from us regarding any updates about your order.

How do I make an order on Rewire?

  1. Sign in to your account and press the send money button.
  2. Enter the amount you want to send and see how much you get in your currency based on today’s rate.
  3. Enter the Receiver’s details. Please check that the information that you key in is correct because mistakes can lead to delays in the transfer.
  4. Choose how you want to deposit money to Rewire.
  • It is possible to open more than one order if you have more than one receiver.
  • If it’s your first transfer, we will require you to upload a clear photo of your passport to verify your ID. We will prompt you after you create your first order. Please make sure that the photo is clear and the entire page can be seen.

How do I deposit money to Rewire’s account?

There are multiple ways to deposit funds into Rewire’s account; you can do so with via the following:

  1. You can go to any Postal Office (Doar) branch and deposit money directly to Rewire’s Doar account.

    If you have chosen to deposit cash at the Postal office as your payment method when making the order, you will receive an SMS with Rewire’s account details which you will need to make the transfer.

    Account Name: Rewire
    Bank Hapoalim: 12
    Branch: 529
    Account Number: 243881

  2. Alternatively, you may also do so at any deposit point across Israel. If you allow Rewire to access your location when making the order, Rewire will help identify the GMT branch closest to you. All you have to do is inform the teller at the branch that you want to transfer money to the Rewire system. Similarly, an SMS will be sent to you with the necessary information.
  3. If you have an Israeli bank Account (Discount, HaPoalim, Leumi, etc.) you can make an online bank transfer or go to any Bank branch and transfer money from your Bank account to Rewire’s bank account. You will need to check if you have permission to make a wire transfer. If you have chosen to pay via bank transfer as your payment method when making the order, you will receive an SMS with the Rewire account details, which you will need to make the transfer.

    Account Name: Rewire
    Bank Hapoalim: 12
    Branch: 529
    Account Number: 243881

    If you’re still not sure, call us and we’ll be happy to guide you further.

What do I have to do after depositing my money?

  1. If you have made a wire transfer, you just need to mark the order as paid in the Rewire homepage.
  2. If you have made a cash deposit at the Postal Office (Doar), you will need to upload a clear image of your receipt. You will also need to key in the amount you have deposited and the reference number of the receipt.
  3. If you have made a cash deposited at a GMT branch, you just need to mark the order as paid in the Rewire homepage.

Why do I need to deposit my money within 2 hours?

Rewire follows the latest currency conversion rates, which change every hour. Because your transfer is converted based on the prevailing exchange rate at the time that you make the order, we require that you make your deposit within 2 hours so that we can lock in that particular exchange rate. As such, your order will automatically expire within 2 hours if no payment is made.

We recommend that you only make an order when you are free to make the deposit within the next two hours. If you find that you are unable to do so, simply cancel the order and create a new one when you are free to do so.

How do I upload my receipt?

You can upload your receipt by clicking the “ upload receipt” button in the drop down menu in the Rewire app or web page. The drop down menu is indicated with three dots on the top right of the home screen.

Alternatively, you can make use of our online Facebook bot (REMI, who says hi by the way) that will help you upload your receipts into your account. To do so, go to our Facebook page (link: and press the “Message” button located right below the cover photo. (Screenshots?)

How will I know that the money is received?

Once the money reaches your beneficiary, we will send you a confirmation and the relevant claiming information by SMS. For cash pickups through M-Lhuillier and Cebuana Lhuillier, we will also send an SMS to the receiver with the necessary claiming information.

Is there a limit to how much money I can transfer?

There is a limit of 20,000 shekels a month. However, for larger amounts, we will require the following from you for added verification.

  1. A hand held ID or photo of yourself holding up your passport. Both your face and your image in your passport must be seen in the photo.
  2. The source of your funds (salary etc.)
  3. Purpose of your transfer (marriage, family etc.)

To make a large transfer, simply make a new order as per normal. Our friendly support team will contact you for the required information shortly after.

What happens if I have accidentally keyed in the wrong beneficiary details?

If you have not yet deposited money to Rewire, you can easily cancel the order through the Rewire App.

If you have already made payment, please contact us so that we can help to rectify the issue. Usually, if it's a bank transfer, we will get a refund and send it to the account based on the correct details. However, because this may take some time, we recommend that you are extra careful in ensuring that the receiver information you enter in the Rewire App is accurate.

I have accidentally made an order. Can I still cancel my transfer once I have made an order?

If you have accidentally made an order, you can cancel it through the Rewire App or site. Click on the order you wish to cancel under the “Open Orders” section of the Rewire home page. After clicking on the order, select “cancel order”.

What is a “Rewire Balance”?

The Balance function indicates how much you have in your account. All promotions and discounts that you earn, as well as money transferred and refunded, will be added to your balance, which will then be subtracted from your future orders. You can check your balance on the Rewire home page.

How can I get discounts on my remittances?

When you share Rewire with your friends, both you and your friend get a 10 ILS discount on your next transfer.

  1. Log into your Rewire Account
  2. Click the drop down menu on the top right of the screen indicated by three dots
  3. Click on “Share Rewire”
  4. Share this link with your friends in your preferred method. (Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber or e-mail)
  5. When a friend signs up using your referral link and makes his first transfer, both you and your friend will get 10 ILS off your next remittance.

You can also check our Facebook page for the latest contests and giveaways to stand a chance to win free remittances. All discounts will be credited into your account balance, which you can view in the Rewire home page.

Why do I need to provide proof of my identity?

Rewire is a licensed money transfer company regulated by Israel’s Ministry of Finance. As such, we are required to verify your identification before we can make any transfers on your behalf. This can be done by uploading a photo of your passport or official ID card when you are asked to do so on Rewire’s app or site. Your information is safe with us; we will not pass your information to any other organisation unless it is demanded by the Ministry of Finance, Israel.

I’m having problems with my order. How can I contact Rewire?

If you require further assistance, our support team can be reached at 077-67-077-67 between 08:00- 19:00 from Sunday to Thursday and 08:00-13:00 on Friday. We are also available or Viber and Whatsapp. Alternatively, you can also e-mail us at [email protected] or you may also speak to us using our live chat feature on our Rewire app or site. Beyond operating hours, you can also try our Facebook bot, which you can access by dropping a message on our Facebook page. Our bot, REMI, can assist you with account matters. If the issue persists, your query will be directed to a customer support manager, who will respond to you as soon as possible.


Send money from ANYWHERE in Israel

You can deposit funds to Rewire at more than 600 deposit points. Without traveling anywhere, you will be able to easily send money home, from any city and most suburbs in Israel.

We bring the most cost-efficient and advanced remittance solution to you. Save time, money and keep safe with Rewire.

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